A Woman Scooped $674,000 In Lotto Jackpot

More than a dozen lotteries are played in Australia. The tickets of these Australian lotteries are cheap and the prize money is humongous. Also, the money that a person spends on buying a lotto ticket is used for the developments in the community. The odds of winning the lottery are less but there are some people who had defied all odds and won the division one prize of lotteries. One such woman who won the Saturday Lotto Jackpot lives in North Ryde, an Australian suburb.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, won the lotto on 12th November this year. She told the press reporters that she was spell bounded when the lottery official called her to inform that she had won Saturdays Lotto jackpot and will be sharing the jackpot with five other winners. The woman confessed that she never thought that she would ever win the lottery jackpot.

The woman told the press reporters that she had worked hard all her life and now she could finally take a break from her work and look for a house that she could purchase. The woman also told that she didn’t believe that she had won the prize and said that she would only believe it when the money will be credited to her account. On a question about how she celebrated the good news of winning the lottery, the woman said that she treated her with a basket full of raspberries after the lottery official called her.

The winning ticket of Saturday Lotto was purchased by the woman from Newsfront, a news agency located on Herring and Waterloo Road in North Ryde. The total division one jackpot prize money of Saturday Lotto was around $4 million and it would be divided among six winners. The winning numbers of 12th November draw were 38, 12, 22, 1, 3 and 18 and the supplementary numbers that made all the difference were 40 and 34.

If this story has ignited the dream of winning Saturday Lotto jackpot in you then wait no more, purchase a Saturday Lotto ticket either online or from a nearby news agency and pray that you get all the numbers matched in a draw.

Note: The amounts mentioned in the above article are all in terms of Australian Dollars (AUD).