You Might be a Powerball Winner – and Never Know!

We all know that the chances of winning the lotto are relatively slim (everyone loves that famous ‘winning the lottery VS getting struck by lightning’ analogy), but the fact is, there is still a chance. It’s that chance that keeps us intrigued, because with one stroke of luck – with a few numbers randomly thrown together – your entire life can change dramatically. It’s human nature – we love a good story, and we love that life is filled with hope and possibility. It all starts with one ticket.

A Lucky Surprise

Recently, a Californian woman purchased a USA Powerball lotto ticket. After scanning the Powerball results, she calculated that she had won about $480. While she was happy with this, what she didn’t realize is that she had actually won a lot more. Eventually, she made it to the store where she handed over her ticket to cash in her prize. Upon doing so, she discovered that she had not won $480, but $480,287 – almost half a million dollars!

Happy Ending

While this lucky Californian’s story ended well, not everyone’s does. Approximately $2 billion of lottery winnings go unclaimed every year. A large portion of that number is made up of smaller prizes, but it’s not uncommon for jackpots to go unclaimed. So why does this happen?

Well, as in the case of the most recent USA Powerball winner, sometimes players don’t realize they’ve won. Other times, people simply forget to check their ticket or forget to cash in their prize. Sometimes, tickets go mislaid; other times, people don’t want to go through the effort of cashing in a prize worth only a few dollars.

The Solution

Whatever the reason a prize goes unclaimed, this can be prevented by opting to purchase your lottery ticket online instead of over the counter. When you sign up, your account will automatically be credited with your winnings, no matter how large or small the amount it. There’s also no chance of losing your ticket, so you’re guaranteed to receive your prize if your numbers match. As though that wasn’t enough of a reason, buying your lottery or Powerball ticket online means you get to save time and skip the dreaded queues – that’s what we call a win-win.

Go on, forget that paper ticket. Your online Powerball ticket is only a few quick clicks away!