A Ticket Holder Wins Division 2 Prize in Cash4Life Lottery

Do you know that the size of the American Lottery Industry is estimated to be around $70 billion? This clearly shows the craze that we Americans have towards lottery, Cash4Life Lottery is one such lottery. Lotteries were permitted to be sold in the US after the end of World War 2. It is considered as the most effective way to raise funding for the K-12 education and research.

Cash4Life is popular in the US and is played by millions of people. The winners of the lottery have two options, either to get a fixed amount of money for the rest of their lives periodically or to withdraw the whole amount as one balloon payment. In a recent draw that was held on 5th December 2016, a 70-year old New Jersey resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, won the division 2 prize of the Cash4Life lottery.

According to the lottery officials, the value of the prize money pre-tax is $1 million if the lottery winner chooses to withdraw the prize in one single lump sum. The winner purchased the winning ticket from Sam’s day and night food store. This is located on River Avenue in Lakewood. The owner of the store is Mr. Chauhan who said that he had recently bought the store and was planning to change the name of the store soon. The owner and his family were glad to have sold the ticket to the 70-year old winner.

Robin Chauhan, son of Mr. Chauhan informed the reporters that the winning customer came thrice every week to purchase the lottery ticket and picked the numbers manually. He said that on that day Robin’s mother accidentally sold the Quickpick® ticket to the customer. This was the ticket on which the customer has won the division 2 prize of Cash4Life. The Chauhan’s said that they are hopeful that they’ll sell more winning tickets to their customers in the near future.

If this story of a 70-year-old winner has ignited the dream of winning Cash4Life lottery, then wait no more! Purchase a Cash4Life lottery ticket online or from a nearby news agency and pray you get all numbers matched in a draw.