Cash4Life lottery is a game played in eight different states in the US. It is relatively a new lottery as compared to other lotteries and was played for the first time on 16th June 2014. Each game of Cash4Life costs $2 and the winner of the jackpot wins $1000 every day for life. If you are interested in knowing more about this lottery and the steps to play it then this article will definitely help you out.

4 Steps to Play Cash4Life Lottery

First of all, you need to be above 18 years old in order to legally participate in the lottery. If you satisfy this criterion, then follow the following four steps to participate in Cash4Life.

  • Buy a play slip from the vendor that sells Cash4Life lottery tickets. You’ll notice that each slip has up to 5 games in it. This means that you would have to pay $10 to participate in all the 5 games of Cash4Life.


  • Now select any 5 numbers from a given range of 1 to 60 numbers and then chose the cash ball i.e. a supplementary. The cash ball is chosen from a given range of 1 to 4 numbers. You can make things easy for yourself by marking on the ‘QP’, an acronym for QuickPick® if you want the system to randomly pick the numbers for your lottery.


  • The draw of the lottery will be held on every Monday and Thursday. Note that the lottery ticket is only valid for only the date that is mentioned on the ticket. Before you submit your play slip to the lottery retailer, it is advised that you check it thoroughly. The ticket once processed cannot be canceled.


  • If you notice on the draw date that the winning numbers match exactly with the numbers that you’ve previously chosen then it’s time to contact the lottery officials. All you have to do is grab your photo ID and the Social Security card and hit the lottery headquarters of the state in which you dwell.

So now that you know the step you just have to hit the lottery shop and repeat the aforementioned steps. Alternatively, you can also buy the lottery tickets online via our official website.