Hot and Cold: How to Pick the Winning Lottery Numbers

Most people will admit that there’s no secret strategy to winning the lottery. In fact, most people point to immeasurable, intangible qualities such as luck to explain why some people win and the vast majority of others don’t. That being said, some people swear by their so-called strategies, such as the ‘hot and cold numbers’ method. If you’re less into luck and more into tactics, read on – who knows, it might work for you!

Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are ones that have been drawn recently, and cold numbers are ones that haven’t been drawn in quite some time. What a lot of people do when it comes to this approach is to go onto the online lottery site applicable to the lottery they want to enter, and to see which numbers have been frequently drawn over the past few months (some people look as far back as a year). From this collection of ‘hot’ numbers, they make their selection. A lot of players also add one ‘long-shot’ number to their hot numbers, just to shake things up.

Currently, the hot numbers for the Oz Powerball – for example – are 1, 18, 40, 25, 12 and 41. The cold numbers are 14, 44, 2, 17, 35 and 30. Using information gathered over the last year, Oz Powerball notes that the most statistically profitable numbers are 21, 40, 16, 28, 35 and 27. In other words, these numbers resulted in larger dividends. The least profitable numbers are 41, 26, 22, 38, 12 and 9. These numbers resulted in smaller dividends. Keep an eye on these sets, because they obviously change over time.

When playing the lotto, remember this: the trend is your friend. Do a little research on your favorite lotto (which might also change, depending on the jackpot at the time) and track to see what numbers have been selected repeatedly. You might not win the jackpot immediately, but by selecting hot numbers, you stand a greater chance of winning a prize.

Decisions, Decisions

Now that you’re armed with some information, the next question is: which lotto to play? With Play American Lottery, you’re given access to an international array of lotteries, so the sky is the limit! Mega Millions, USA Powerball, UK Lottery, Oz Powerball and Superena Max – the list goes on.

Good luck – we hope it’s a hot choice!