NZ Powerball Lotto – Changing Lives, Jackpot or Not!

If you became a millionaire, what kind of millionaire would you be? An investor? A jet-setter? An entrepreneur? A philanthropist? A little bit of everything? When you win the lottery, your life changes overnight. A lot of people believe that incredible luck like this comes with the responsibility of ‘paying it forward’; in other words, when your life changes in this incredible way, you should do whatever you can to make sure you help change the lives of others. But where to start?

The NZ Powerball

New Zealand’s popular Powerball Lotto has pledged all of its profits to local communities, making sure this massive lottery machine is used as a vehicle for change – not just for the jackpot winners, but for the whole country, too. Whenever you purchase a ticket, the profits from it go towards upliftment projects. This includes everything from funding conservation projects to assisting rescue services. Some 3000 local projects benefit from the NZ Powerball, so whether or not you become that philanthropic millionaire, you can feel good about helping improve the lives of others in the meantime.

The SA Powerball

SA Powerball is run by Ithuba, who currently give 34% of its profits from the lotteries it runs to charitable organizations. The National Lotteries Board in South Africa manage the applications received from various NGOs and NPOs in need of assistance. So far, they have given away approximately R20 billion towards social upliftment.

Changing Lives

It’s not only about profits and millionaire winners – many lotteries are committed to giving back to the community. Being part of the global community of lottery entrants means that you are part of something bigger, and making a difference with every ticket you purchase. And who knows – one day you might be the one in a position to affect lives in a positive way using your lottery winnings. Someone has to win – why not you?

It Starts with One Ticket

If you have big plans – for yourself, or for others – that require BIG winnings, the only way to make that happen is to start by buying a ticket. One lottery ticket can change hundreds or lives, so whatever your plan (philanthropist or not), start your journey to realizing your dreams today.

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