The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has risen to $ 663 million, the second largest of all time! After 22 draws, the winning combination came out: 8-14-17-20-39 and 7 as Megaball. The first winning ticket was sold in the state of Georgia and the other in California. 

The long absence of winnings has pushed sales and therefore the prize money close to the record figure that remains of 656 million dollars, realized in 2011.

One of the winning Mega Millions lottery tickets was sold at the Jenny’s Gift Shop in San Jose, California, while the other was at the Gateway Newsstand in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to the 2 first prizes, 20 more consolation prizes were also drawn, where $ 1 million was won between them..

The Director of the Mega Millions lottery commented on the event saying: “There have been 2 lucky winners but the real winners are the donation programs that have earned more than 300 million dollars during the 45 Mega Millions lottery draws”.

The winners, that are now worth an astounding $ 170 million each, now have the life altering decision to choose either to receive the entire sum immediately or receive an annuity. This is either you get all the money at once, or they pay you monthly/yearly for something like 20 years. Mega Millions lottery tickets are sold in 45 states and in the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. But the beauty of the internet is, is that you can now lottery tickets from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world.

Mega Millions was first introduced in 1996, is a multi-jurisdictional lottery in the United States. The countries that join the Mega Millions are 12, while the other 32 adhere to USA Powerball, the main competitor of the Mega Millions. Every time the jackpot is hit, it starts again with a jackpot of 12 million US dollars. The draws are on Tuesdays and Fridays, even if they are holidays like New Year’s Day.