Engineer Wins Mega Millions Jackpot Worth $7.5 Million

Have you ever wondered why you buy a lottery ticket? It’s to end up like this man who won the Mega Millions jackpot! Or maybe it’s because of all the marketing campaigns and the promotions of a lottery that influence your decision. But there is more to it than just buying a lottery blindly. Mega Millions is a popular lottery game that is played in most of the states in the US. Millions of people buy the ticket for this lottery not in the hope of winning a lottery rather they want to contribute to the betterment of the community.

How purchasing a lottery ticket helps a community? One might ask.

The answer is that a major portion of money gained from the sale of lotto tickets is used to fund public sector projects. In Virginia, all the K-12 public schools depend upon the revenue generated from the sale of lotteries.

Well, this isn’t the complete part of the story; there are some people who win the jackpot and it completely turns their modest life into a lavish one. Kevin Young, a retired engineer, was one of those lucky pals that have hit the jackpot and won crazy amounts of money. He told the press reporters that he saw the winning numbers and just didn’t realize he had won the jackpot. He thought that he didn’t win again.

He then rechecked the numbers after some time and realized that his life has completely changed as he had matched all the winning numbers correctly. After winning the lottery he didn’t claim the prize money for three months. He informed the media that he was busy consulting financial and legal experts and making plans about where to invest and how to spend the prize money.

Mr. Kevin Young had an option whether to receive $5.14 million in one lump sum or receive $7.5 million over the period of 30 years. He chose the former option. Mr. Young purchased his winning Mega Millions jackpot ticket from 7-Eleven located on Limestone Drive in Gainesville. The owner of the store will receive a $50,000 cash prize for selling a division one winning ticket at its store.

So, if you too want to play Mega Millions, then wait no more, buy Mega Millions online or from a nearby news agency and pray that you get all the numbers matched in a draw that is held on every Tuesday and Friday. The winning numbers of Mega Millions are broadcasted live at 11:00 PM on various TV stations across Virginia.