‘Cash 5’ Lottery Jackpot Won

Cash 5 is a popular lottery of Pennsylvania that is played within this state. The Winners of Cash 5 lottery receive instant cash. This means that there is no annuity drama. The minimum jackpot of this lottery is $125,000 but it keeps rolling over until someone hits the jackpot. If more than one winner wins the jackpot then it is divided among them equally. Note that the prize winnings are taxable and the winner will receive the amount after the tax has been deducted.

On Sunday, 4th December 2016 somebody hit the jackpot and won $325,000. The winner has still not revealed himself, neither has he contacted the lottery officials for claiming the prize money.

The winning numbers of the Cash 5 lottery were 08, 17, 26, 30, and 33. According to the lottery officials, the winning ticket was sold at the Wawa convenience store. This store is located on Reading Road in a small town named Ephrata in Lancaster County. The Wawa store will also receive a cash prize of $500 for selling the winning ticket at its store.

The Cash 5 lottery is a bearer’s document i.e. it belongs to the person who owns it. This is why it is imperative that you sign it as soon as you purchase Cash 5 lottery ticket. You should also write your name, phone number, and address on the other side of the lottery ticket. The winners of the lottery can claim the prize within one year from the date when the winning balls were drawn. The winner will not get the money instantly rather it will take 4-6 weeks for the lottery officials to process your claim.

If this story of this accidental millionaire has ignited the dream of winning Cash 5 lottery jackpot, then wait no more, purchase a ‘Cash 5’ ticket either online or from a nearby news agency and pray that you get all five numbers matched in a draw that is held every day. The winning numbers of ‘Cash 5’lottery are broadcasted live on all the local TV stations at 6:59 pm.