Belinda Poblete Won the Latest Cash4Life Jackpot

Cash4Life is a popular lottery that is played all over the US. The winner of this lottery has an option either to withdraw the whole amount as one lump-sum payment or to receive $1000 every day for the next 20 years. Recently, Belinda Poblete, an immigrant from the Philippines, won the division one prize of Cash4Life. Rather than receiving $1000 every day for the rest of her life, she chose to withdraw her whole jackpot as one lump-sum.

The lottery officials informed the press reporters that Belinda has received $4.6 million, which is the cash value of this US lottery jackpot. Currently, Belinda Poblete lives in Sloatsburg, a small village in New York. She dwells in a two-storey house with her husband, Ramon Poblete, her mother and father and her 14-years-old daughter.

Belinda Poblete told the press reporters that she was thrilled to find out that she had won the Cash4Life jackpot. She said that it gave her a sense of relief that she would never have to worry about the finances if she spent the money prudently. Up till now, the Pobletes have spent their money on remodeling their kitchen, purchasing an SUV and paying off some of their debts.

Belinda has recently resigned from her job in the billing department of a medical group. She is now planning to launch her own start-up in Nanuet. She plans to sell frozen yogurt at her franchise. Belinda told the press reporters that it was always her dream to own and operate a small business and she was excited that now finally her dream would turn into a reality. She has even decided to name her frozen yogurt franchise as ‘Red Mango’. The winning lottery numbers of the Cash4Life lottery were 4, 13, 26, 34, 43, and the Cash Ball that made all the difference was ‘3’.

If this story of Belinda Poblete has ignited the dream of winning Cash4Life jackpot in you then wait no more, purchase Cash4Life lottery tickets online or from a nearby news agency and pray that you get all numbers matched in a draw that is held on every Monday and Thursday. The winning numbers of Cash4Life lotto are broadcasted live at 9:00 PM on various local TV stations all across the US.