5 Must Know Things About Super Lotto Plus

How much money have you spent on the lotteries? Most probably, you must have lost count. The lottery sale in the US is increasing every year and in 2015 more than $70 billion was spent on the purchase of lottery tickets by the US residents. One popular lottery among many others is Super Lotto Plus. It is administered by the California State Lottery Commission. Here we have listed some important things that every lotto player must know about Super Lotto Plus.

  1. The Super Lotto Plus ticket costs $1. 95 cents of this dollar is channeled back to the community in the form of prize money extended to the players, contributions made to public colleges and schools. So, whatever you spend on Super Lotto Plus is invested back in the society for its betterment.


  1. The prize money above $599 is subject to taxation. You will get the money in your hand after the deduction of taxes. However, the state of California does not charge any tax on your prize money.


  1. The chance of winning any lottery division prize is calculated to be 1 in 23. However, the odds of winning the division one prize i.e. the jackpot are 1 in 42 million. This means that you surely must have been born under a lucky star if you win a Super Lotto Plus jackpot.


  1. If you have won a prize in the Super Lotto Plus lottery then you only has 180 days to claim the prize money. If you contact the California State Lottery Commission on the 181st day, you will not be entitled to receive any prize money whatsoever and your prize money will be distributed among the public education institutions in California.


  1. The jackpot money is not payable to the lottery winner in one lump sum, rather it will be paid over the period of 30 annual payments. The winner, however, has the option to withdraw the entire amount in one bullet payment. The prize would then be discounted over the period of 30 years and the present value of the prize money. This will be a lot less than the actual prize money, will be extended to the winner.

If you too are interested in playing Super Lotto Plus, then wait no more, purchase online Powerball tickets today! Two draws are held per week, one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. The winning numbers will be published on the California State Lottery Commission and can be accessed by clicking here.